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TR: EMV “application selection on mobile”

From: Bazin Pascal <Pascal.Bazin@gemalto.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 18:27:03 +0000
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Objet : EMV “application selection on mobile”

Hi all,

                I would like to share with you a draft proposal currently in progress within the EMV committee regarding the “application selection on mobile”.
Good news is that it mostly goes in the same direction than where the WPWG is going to. It also complies with Article 8 of the European Regulation IFR and with the SEPA card standardization.

Please find here-under some extracts of this EMV proposal:

“The cardholder shall have the means to override the merchant’s priority selection and select the brand and category of card of his choice.[…]”
“[…]The cardholder may, prior to a payment transaction, explicitly select, on the mobile device, the brand and category of card he wishes to use in order to carry out the next payment transaction. […]”
“[…]The cardholder’s explicit brand and category of card selection shall be transient and valid for a unique payment transaction. […]”

I’ll be off for a couple of weeks and won’t attend to the meetings for the next two weeks.

III Pascal BAZIN<http://gsearch.gemalto.com/search/people/detailspeople.jsp?q=gin:10021956>

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