[Minutes and Summary] 16 December Credit Transfer Payment Method Specification meeting

Hi all,

Todd, Kris, Vincent, AdrianHB and I discussed a credit transfer
payment method specification that would generalize the SEPA credit
transfer spec [1] started by Cyril (who could not make the call,

Some key points from the discussion:

 * The goal would be to create an abstraction specification (like
   Basic Card) that can be used with a variety of credit transfer

 * Like Basic Card, we will need to identify:
    - Request and response data
    - An appropriate filtering mechanism.

 * One observation from today's discussion is that "country" is likely
   to be an important filter criterion. That is: merchants will say "I
   accept credit transfers from US banks" rather than "I accept ACH
   and SEPA payments".

 * Regarding payment request data, Cyril (by email) suggested we look
   at the SEPA rule book as a starting point. However, during the call
   Vincent suggested that we look at the "Common Global Implementation
   (CGI)" [2] which is a practical set of guidelines derived from ISO
   20022. Vincent has agreed to review the CGI list of required fields
   for ACH and Wire payments and create a list that he thinks make
   sense for this API (due 24 January 2017).

 * One design consideration came up during the call:
   - This specification should favor considerations for low-value
     payments rather than high-value payments.

 * I took an action to begin to transform the SEPA specification
   into a more general Credit Transfer specification, including
   changes to:
      - The title
      - The payment method identifier (e.g., "credit-transfer")
      - A new section on the filter mechanism using ISO country codes
      - A new design considerations section.

We'd like to have a good version of the Credit Transfer specification
to review by the March FTF meeting.

For more minutes, see:


[1] http://w3c.github.io/webpayments-methods-credit-transfer-direct-debit/
[2] https://www.swift.com/standards/market-practice/common-global-implementation

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