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From: Shane McCarron <shane@spec-ops.io>
Date: Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 8:30 AM
Subject: Spec-Ops Comments on Web Payments Core Messages 1.0
To: Web Payments <public-webpayments@w3.org>


Thanks for the reminder email that we should submit comments.  Below are
mine.  I am in general in favor of bringing this document into the family
of Web Payments specifications.  I would hope that over time the
definitions and structures in this document will harmonize with those in
the browser payments api to reduce complexity for future developers.

I do not require these comments to be resolved prior to migration into the
web payments working group.

As an aside, I appreciate the data modelling approach that describes the
model in prose, then shows representations in multiple modelling grammars.
There are A LOT of ways to express a data model.  With my testing hat on,
it would be good to have normative definitions for (at least) JSON Schema
so that messages can be easily evaluated.


This document should currently be an unofficial draft (specStatus =
"unofficial" in ReSpec)

Need github links in the header area

Global: s/e.g. /e.g., /

How to Read this Document

Move the Data Model hello world stuff into a section 1.1.1 on Data Model
Approach.  A primer on how data models work and how this document
approaches them.

What is [PSD]?

Issue 2: I don’t have a problem with it, but move the content of this note
into section 1.1.1 above.

JSON Schema needs a normative or informative reference.

There are references to the "expressing" sections. I think they should be
in appendices but I am not married to the idea.


The paymentMethod / paymentAmount structure should be grouped into a list
of items offers…  one object per payment amount.   … in other works the
acceptablePayment key should be able to take multiple items.


payment key: “may” should be in caps.


I would prefer that the content of the examples be inline. I appreciate
that JSON Schema is a little verbose, and also that ReSpec's highlighting
doesn't do a good job on JSON Schema.

Shane McCarron
Projects Manager, Spec-Ops

Shane McCarron
Projects Manager, Spec-Ops

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