Call for Participation - making it a little easier to contribute

In an effort to make it easier to contribute to the WG I have tried to use
labels to better organize our issue lists and therefor make it easier to
pick things up quickly and

If you are able to keep on top of all the issues by tracking the emails of
regularly visiting the lists that is great but if not there are a few ways
you can easily find the low-hanging fruit.

1. "help wanted" - this is a standard GitHub label and I have started
applying it to threads where there is a need for someone to make a concrete

2. "Priority: High" - these are our most pressing issues. If you can't get
to everything at least try to review and provide feedback on these.

3. "question" - these are open questions. These require input before they
can progress to a concrete proposal so it would be very valuable if
everyone in the group reviewed these and at a minimum found comments they
agree with and marked these with a +1.

4. "proposal - needs discussion" - these should all be concrete proposals
(some more concrete than others) that require consensus. Like the
questions, if you don't have any comments to add, at least provide a +1 to
the comments you agree with so we can guage the sentiment of the WG.

NB: Don't forget to also review the Pull Requests. These are concrete spec
change proposals and it's very useful if we get feed back on these so they
can be merged and not block other edits.

Received on Monday, 25 April 2016 19:58:14 UTC