Re: Review of Payment Apps Proposal

On 2016-04-24 19:52, Zach Koch wrote:
> Hi all -
> We also need to be cognizant that we're not developing this API in a bubble.
 > There's a competitive ecosystem at play with new device-level payment apps emerging all the time.

Indeed, just about everybody wants to have a Wallet "App".

> If we have a good standard for the way these payment apps can play in the browser
 > (even if at the beginning it's not as open as we would like), this is still
 > fundamentally good for the ecosystem, especially if the opposite scenario is
 > a variety of proprietary payment APIs making their way into browsers.

Well, personally I don't really see the point with a standardized API running
mostly non-standardized information.  The interoperability you achieve is effectively
limited to (a part of) the user interface.  The cost for this interoperability is
also pretty high since it (if I got it right...) requires merchant code building
collections of potentially quite different payment request data objects.

Regarding the actual App interface, I'm currently developing a Wallet PoC which
doesn't fit the Android interface Google have loosely described because it needs
to "communicate" with the invoking Web page.  Why is that you may wonder?  That's
the problem in a nutshell; Wallet Apps are just at the beginning of a long and
very interesting journey :-)


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