Re: [w3c/webpayments] How do we transition users and merchants from the current system to using the new API and apps? (#94)

@adrianhopebailie , my proposal would be to create a WG use-cases document which focused on a more technical break-down of the IG uses cases which are customer scenario focused, not customer experience focused.

Example use cases to add would be;

1. Registration of stored payment details into a payment application

I suspect this needs consideration in the registration API to cover not just registration of apps, but also of instruments to apps.

2. Invocation of specific payment method by a merchant

I suspect that this needs no changes to the API, but is a worthwhile case to consider such that a merchant can invoke the API for one payment method, have this cancelled, then invoke a different payment method. This would effectively bypass the mediator to a large extent (unless multiple apps with the same PMI were registered)

We could use this document to capture other requirements we are identifying as they emerge.

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