[w3c/webpayments] Add Web Payments Core Messages spec to proposals. (#119)

This is a PR to merge in the Web Payments Core Messages specification into the WPWG's proposals directory. You can see a human-readable version of this specification here:


The specification:

1. Outlines a generalized data model for Web Payments messages,
2. Describes the core Web Payments messages using the data model, and
3. Specifies message conformance and data validation criteria in using WebIDL (browsers), JSON Schema (non-browser JSON environments), and JSON-LD (non-browser JSON-LD environments).

The intent is that these messages are used by the HTTP API and an attempt is made to try and align these messages with the Browser API as well.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Add Web Payments Core Messages spec proposal.
  * Add basic payment request/response schemas and frames.

-- File Changes --

    A proposals/core-messages/frames/PaymentRequest-frame.jsonld (4)
    A proposals/core-messages/frames/PaymentResponse-frame.jsonld (4)
    A proposals/core-messages/index.html (557)
    A proposals/core-messages/schemas/PaymentRequest.json (41)
    A proposals/core-messages/schemas/PaymentResponse.json (43)
    A proposals/core-messages/spec.css (3)
    A proposals/core-messages/utils.js (49)

-- Patch Links --


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