Payment logic in the Browser (was Re: CfC to publish documents as FPWD of the Web Payments WG)

Hi Anders,

*NB: Please can we restrict the discussion on the CfC thread to +1 or -1 on
the CfC itself.*
That said, I have forked the thread, so thanks for your input.

If you read the specifications you'll see that we have explicitly NOT "put
payment application logic inside of a browser".

Instead we have created a standard interface to initiate a payment in a way
that is agnostic to the method of payment and allows the payment logic to
exist almost anywhere.

I have just pushed a proposal for another specification in this set that
describes how Payment Apps integrate with this API and the many forms they
might take. I'd appreciate your thoughts as I think this is starting to get
into the realm of things that you have been discussing for some time:


On 6 April 2016 at 01:57, Anders Rundgren <>

> I'm neither a W3C member nor an invited expert so feel free ignoring the
> following.
> Anyway, IMO there's no point putting payment application logic inside of a
> browser;
> it will only constrain innovation which is the core problem with Web
> Payments.
> That is, "Energizing" Web Payments rather than "Standardizing" is what I'm
> proposing.
> That's obviously an entirely different project which though would be
> better aligned
> with W3C's track record for standards than jumping into the very
> fragmented and
> politically awkward application space where payments appear topping the
> list.
> Sincerely,
> Anders Rundgren
> Consumer and Technologist

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