Re: [webpayments] What is the use case for the Payment Details object? (#38)

> What is the expected use case for the payment details object?

I expect that the use case is to show a line-item summary in the best case, or in the worst case, a subtotal, tax, and total.

A line-item summary being passed outside of the retailer environment is a non-starter for retailers. They do not want to share this data with anyone that is not their customer.

This means that the default usage behavior might be for subtotal, tax, and total. I'd argue that the retailer could just as easily display this on a page before the payment request is made.

Adding the Payment Details functionality over-complicates the API when a simple HTML display would work just as well.

If the goal is to provide a line-item receipt to the customer, that should be provided through a receipt API (and we have a number of designs to accomplish that while ensuring that retailers are protected if such an interface were to appear in the browser).

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