Re: [webpayments] What is the use case for the Payment Details object? (#38)

> ...because small and large retailers have stated that they do not want that information forwarded on to payment service processors

I don't believe there is any mention in the spec of providing this information to payment apps. Please correct me if I am wrong.

While we're not standardizing UI, it's good to give both merchants and user agents control over how they want final amounts to be displayed and visualized. This includes list items.

> A line-item summary being passed outside of the retailer environment is a non-starter for retailers. They do not want to share this data with anyone that is not their customer.

Again, this data isn't being shared with anyone. It's for visual purposes. It is also what Apple Pay has done, and I don't think that has been a non-starter for apps that take advantage of it.

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