Re: [webpayments] Machine readability of payment methods? (#30)

> If the payment method identifier is a URL, should there be a resource that can be fetched from the URL? 

Yes. The resource should be machine-readable (expressed as JSON-LD) for the reasons specified here:

> Is there a need to describe the payment method at the URL or provide some other information?

We should not require it, but encourage it. 

At a bare minimum, you could publish a human readable string in various languages for the payment method. You could also publish the payment method's branding image.

You could also make it so that a payment method URL may list the payment apps that are capable of processing the payment method. This would make it easy for user agents to retrieve a payment app if one isn't available in the user agent already. It could address the "no available payment apps" use case. I'm not suggesting that's how it would work, just that it seems like there are enough use cases to think more deeply about it.

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