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ACTION-232 analysis of differences between functional syntax keywords and RDF syntax URIs

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider <pfps@research.bell-labs.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:15:47 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <20081023.081547.-1045105391.pfps@research.bell-labs.com>
To: public-owl-wg@w3.org

        Divergence between Functional Syntax and RDF Syntax

This mostly relates to functional syntax keywords and RDF syntax URIs.
Keywords and URIs that don't show in OWL 1 are often tagged with "2".

There is exact correspondence for some constructs (at least with respect
to keywords).  Such cases are indicated by "exact".  Sometimes there are
non-OWL namespaces, which is indicated by "".

In the functional syntax all keywords have initial capitals.  In RDF
classes have initial capitals but properties don't.   Such differences
are are indicated by "cap" below.

The RDF syntax has to make name distinctions for functional syntax
constructs with optional parts.   Differences resulting from this are
indicated with "opt".

exact           all built-in classes
exact           all built-in properties
exact           all datatypes
exact           all facets

cap     IntersectionOf          owl:intersectionOf
cap     UnionOf                 owl:unionOf
cap     ComplementOf            owl:complementOf
cap     OneOf                   owl:oneOf
cap     AllValuesFrom           owl:allValuesFrom
cap     SomeValuesFrom          owl:someValuesFrom
cap     HasValue                owl:hasValue
        ExistsSelf 2            owl:SelfRestriction 2
cap     Cardinality             owl:cardinality
cap     MaxCardinality          owl:maxCardinality
cap     MinCardinality          owl:minCardinality
opt     Cardinality             owl:qualifiedCardinality
opt     MaxCardinality          owl:maxQualifiedCardinality
opt     MinCardinality          owl:minQualifiedCardinality

cap/nm  SubClassOf              rdfs:subClassOf
        EquivalentClasses       owl:equivalentClass
        DisjointClasses         owl:disjointWith
        DisjointClasses         owl:AllDisjointClasses 2
cap     DisjointUnionOf         owl:disjointUnionOf

        ComplementOf            owl:datatypeComplementOf 2
        DatatypeRestriction 2   owl:withRestrictions 2

cap     PropertyChain 2         owl:propertyChain 2
cap     InverseOf               owl:inverseOf

cap/nm  SubPropertyOf           rdfs:subPropertyOf
        PropertyDomain 2        rdfs:domain
        PropertyRange 2         rdfs:range
        EquivalentProperties    owl:equivalentProperty
        DisjointProperties      owl:propertyDisjointWith
        DisjointProperties      owl:AllDisjointProperties
        InverseProperties 2     owl:inverseOf
exact   FunctionalProperty      owl:FunctionalProperty
exact   InverseFunctionalProperty owl:InverseFunctionalProperty
exact   ReflexiveProperty       owl:ReflexiveProperty
exact   IrreflexiveProperty     owl:IrreflexiveProperty
exact   SymmetricProperty       owl:SymmetricProperty
exact   AsymmetricProperty      owl:AsymmetricProperty
exact   TransitiveProperty      owl:TransitiveProperty

cap     HasKey 2                owl:hasKey 2

        SameIndividual          owl:sameAs
        DifferentIndividuals    owl:differentFrom
        DifferentIndividuals    owl:AllDifferent
        ClassAssertion 2        rdf:type
        PropertyAssertion 2     ---
exact   NegativePropertyAssertion 2 owl:NegativePropertyAssertion 2

        Declaration 2             rdf:type

exact   Annotation                owl:Annotation
cap     Label                     rdfs:label
cap     Comment                   rdfs:comment
cap     Deprecated                owl:deprecated 2

exact   Ontology                  owl:Ontology

        Import 2                  owl:imports
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