Re: Punning object and data properties

Evren Sirin wrote:
> Some time ago there was a discussion regarding the need (or lack there 
> of) punning the same URI for both as an object and a data property. 
> Another use case for this is representing arbitrary lists in the 
> instance data. 


> addition, if punning built-in vocabulary (or at least rdf:List 
> vocabuary) is allowed it would not be necessary to reinvent a new 
> namespace.

Sorry I missed this when it was written, was drawn to it, by the OWL Dev 

This is a reasonable use case.

It is a pain on OWL 1.0 DL that you cannot use the built-in collection 

On the other hand it is a pain only for objects rather than literals, 
since the rdf:parseType="Collection" syntax does not work for literals.

So, I don't think it is a huge loss to allow rdf:first and rdf:rest 
vocab via punning in OWL 1.1 DL as ObjectProperties, and to still 
require 'shadow' vocab for user collections of literals.


Received on Monday, 24 December 2007 09:50:13 UTC