"Join" conditions on property chains

Thanks to Alan for pointing this out. Classes cannot have instances that are
I am updating the description of the question:

Suppose I have the following ontology: 

Class3 = {Individual1, Individual2, ...IndividualK}


domain(OP1) = Class1 OR Class2 
range(OP1) = Class3 
domain(OP2) = Class1 
range(OP2) = Class2 

Now suppose I want to specify the following constraint: 

Given any individual I of Class1, I.OP1 = I.OP2.OP1 = Some Individuali that is
instance of Class3.

Can we specify this using OWL 1.1? 

If I specify OP2 o OP1 < OP1, it doesn't seem to support what I need.

The subproperty chain might as well be violated as long as the values are
identical per, the constraint above. 

Is there some way to specify this using the current OWL 1.1 spec or would it
require an extension to the standard? 



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