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As I am no longer associated with a W3C member organization, and I wanted
to put my vote on record, Sandro suggested that I post it here:

Members of the OWL Working Group have produced the following drafts,
started with the existing 27 October 2009 Recommendations and modifying
them to fix various reported errors and update the XML Schema Datatypes
reference (as anticipated by the note in each of the 2009 drafts).

The drafts:

   Document Overview
   Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax
   Mapping to RDF Graphs
   Direct Semantics
   RDF-Based Semantics
   New Features and Rationale
   Quick Reference Guide
   XML Serialization
   Manchester Syntax
   Data Range Extension: Linear Equations
   rdf:PlainLiteral: A Datatype for RDF Plain Literals

PROPOSED: Request publication of modified versions of each of the OWL 2
publications, matching the content in the 5 September 2012 Editor's drafts
(linked above).    For the Recommendations, this will involve a round of AC
Review as Proposed Edited Recommendations and the publication as "Second
Edition" Recommendations; the WG Notes will simply be updated in place.

Trivial additional corrections (eg typos, link URLs) may also be done
before publication -- please report any problems -- with notice sent to the
WG mailing list.  The SOTD will also be updated to include proper dates and
PER boilerplate.

 * (x) Approve
 * ( ) Abstain
 * ( ) Formally object (please explain in email to

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