Just wanted to drop in, say hello, and thanks for continuing to push OWL 
forward. Have just reviewed the wiki and reflecting back more than a dozen 
years to when many of us were struggling with basic tags in order to imbed 
some intelligence into the web, often frustrated spending far more time on 
compatibility issues, which was taking value from me personally while 
preventing the delivery of higher value to others.

The only comment I would make is on communications. The wiki format is a 
good one, but still not they type of communications format found or 
understood in the fickle executive suite. Back when I was fully engaged in 
venture capital while moving Kyield forward, the two worlds and cultures (CS 
and finance) so radically different that I actually divided the days, 
finding that if I attempted to work on both the same day, both would suffer.

While I suppose one could argue that it's the job of vendors and end users 
to communicate internally and externally, I'm still not wondering if a white 
paper format restricted to standards wouldn't be helpful in explaining to 
business morons why this work is so relevant. We've attempted to tone down 
the sales effort in our small contribution to that effort and have been very 
pleasantly surprised (shocked is a better word), particularly with the 
Unleash the innovation within piece.

Beyond that I will attempt to digest the possibilities for adoption from my 

Thanks again,

Mark Montgomery

Received on Thursday, 24 September 2009 14:20:36 UTC