Colons in Prefix Names?

I got confused by the examples given in the PR OWL 2 Primer at


regarding the exact syntax for prefix names.

According to the PR OWL 2 Structural Specification at


the last character should always be a colon (see also the PNAME_NS  
production in < 
 >). This is also the case for all examples given in Functional Style  
Syntax, e.g. those in


However, the corresponding example in OWL/XML Syntax has the following  

   <Prefix name="otherOnt" IRI=" 

which complies with the OWL 2 XML Schema. Note that here the name of  
the prefix does not contain a colon. I would have expected the  

   <Prefix name="otherOnt:" IRI=" 

What is the correct way to specify a prefix in OWL/XML Syntax? Would  
the empty prefix be defined with name="" or name=":"?

Best regards,
Marko Luther

Received on Saturday, 17 October 2009 17:03:40 UTC