OWL2 Primer Functional is inconsistent

Dear OWL2 Working Group, 

we (the "OWLlink working group") would kindly like to inform you that the 
current OWL2 Primer (in functional syntax) is inconsistent, due to the 
following axioms: 

- Fathers are Parents: 

     ObjectIntersectionOf( :Man :Parent )

- John is a father: 

 ClassAssertion( :Father :John )

- Jack is not a parent: 

       ObjectComplementOf( :Parent )
- Jack and John are the same individual: 

 SameIndividual( :John :Jack )

That is an obvious contradiction. 

It is very likely that this was not intended 
and we suggest to fix this. 

Best regards

Michael Wessel 
(for the OWLlink working group, 
 Thorsten Liebig, Olaf Noppens, Marko Luther, Michael Wessel) 

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Received on Tuesday, 17 November 2009 12:06:29 UTC