Re: Errors in the OWL Primer

One more comment: in the OWL RDF, you are using 

"owl:onDatatype", e.g. in 

<rdf:Description rdf:about="personAge">
         <owl:onDatatype rdf:resource=""/>
         <owl:withRestrictions rdf:parseType="Collection">


as well as 

"owl:onDataType", e.g., in 

 <owl:Class rdf:about="Teenager">
         <owl:onProperty rdf:resource="hasAge"/>
             <owl:onDataType rdf:resource="&xsd;integer"/>

It should be "owl:onDatatype", I think. 

I am beginning to wonder if any reasoner has ever sucessfully processed 
these documents... is this stuff hand crafted, or is there a bug 
in your OWL converter / renderer tools? Should OWL2 parsers be prepared
to deal with that kind of syntax variations (also see me previous mails)? 
We are currently trying to support some of these new syntaxes; thus, 
some clarification would be extremely helpful.  

Best regards in advance 


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Received on Wednesday, 11 November 2009 09:35:41 UTC