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A "Class" and An "Object" have a definition in Computer Science, Object Oriented techniques :
Grady Booch and others have used such definitions:   
Aslo you can refer Wikipedia.  They follows Object Oriented Guru;s like Booch for such defintions.
Defines the abstract characteristics of a thing (object), including the thing's characteristics (its attributes, fields or properties) and the thing's behaviors (the things it can do, or methods, operations or features). One might say that a class is a blueprint or factory that describes the nature of something. For example, the class Dog would consist of traits shared by all dogs, such as breed and fur color (characteristics), and the ability to bark and sit (behaviors). Classes provide modularity and structure in an object-oriented computer program. A class should typically be recognizable to a non-programmer familiar with the problem domain, meaning that the characteristics of the class should make sense in context. Also, the code for a class should be relatively self-contained (generally using encapsulation). Collectively, the properties and methods defined by a class are called members. 
A pattern (exemplar) of a class. The class of Dog defines all possible dogs by listing the characteristics and behaviors they can have; the object Lassie is one particular dog, with particular versions of the characteristics. A Dog has fur; Lassie has brown-and-white fur. 

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I skimmed through the OWL2 overview and primer, and
noticed that there is no definition of "Class".
Since my first exposure to RDF/OWL in 2002, I had difficulty
understanding "Class",  because I automatically thought of 
"Concept" instead.  I finally understand that
        Class is the extension set of Concept.
Now, all of the "strange" properties of "Class" are obvious,
because "Class" is just a set.
Specifically, the meaning of subClassOf is subset of, 
not species of.
Dick McCullough

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Dear Colleagues,

The OWL Working Group has published new Working Drafts for OWL 2, a language for building Semantic Web ontologies. OWL 2 (a compatible extension of OWL 1) consists of 13 documents (7 technical, 4 instructional, and 2 group Notes). For descriptions and links to all the documents, see the OWL 2 Documentation Roadmap . This is a "Last Call" for the technical materials and is an opportunity for the community to confirm that these documents satisfy requirements for an ontology language. This is a second Last Call for six of the documents, but because the changes since the first Last Call are limited in scope, the review period lasts only 21 days. For an introduction to OWL 2, see the four instructional documents: an overview , primer , list of new features , and quick reference . 

In addition, the OWL Working Group and the Rule Interchance Format (RIF) Working Group have jointly published a Last Call Working Draft of rdf:text: A Datatype for Internationalized Text. This datatype, compatible with XML Schema 1.1 Datatypes , is used within RIF and OWL 2 to provide support for text in various languages and scripts (identified by a BCP 47 tag such as "fr" for French). The document defines the datatype, discusses its relationship to RDF Plain Literals and the XML Schema string datatype, and specifies functions (compatible with XPath ) for operating on rdf:text data values. It also discusses how to use this feature within RDF serializations. 

I'd very much appreciate if you could review one or more documents and send your thoughts and comments to

Alan Ruttenberg

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