Re: [ontolog-forum] Last Call: OWL 2 and rdf:text primitive datatype

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> In current terminology, we have three terms 'set', 'class', and 'type'.
> The words 'set' and 'type' have long histories in both technical and
> informal usage, and there is no confusion about their meanings.
> The word 'class' has been used in so many conflicting ways in both
> technical and informal usage that it causes a great deal of confusion.
> Therefore, my recommendation is to prefer the words 'set' and 'type'
> for all metalevel usage, both technical and informal.  The word
> 'class' could still be used for particular languages in which it
> is endemic.  But to promote precision, the words 'set' and 'type'
> should be preferred for all cross-language discussions.
> John Sowa
Don't forget the word 'concept', as used in natural language.
The Rand ITOE 1990 book is a good reference for concept-related
terminology.  Rand terminology is based on Aristotle.
My tabula rasa terminology is based on Rand.

> Dick McCullough

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