Re: Mapping RTX in SDP to ORTC RtpParameters

Am 04.03.2016 um 17:04 schrieb Sergio Garcia Murillo:
> El 4/3/2016 16:57, "Philipp Hancke" <> escribió:
>>>> I think that is totally wrong:
>>>> - 'apt' is just a SDP fmtp parameter, it does not even appear in ORTC,
>>>> and I hope we don't must rely on a generic parameter/value container
>>>> for associating a RTX and its related media codec.
>>> That complicates the mapping to/from SDP. But I suppose that is worth it.
>> I just tried to parse the chrome SDP I showed earlier and this seemed
> quite messy. I shrugged but came up with a question... how do you determine
> your local FEC capabilities if rtx is not a codec?
> Not following you, FEC and RTX are orthogonal. You can have FEC without RTX
> and vice versa.

I can't type. How do you determine your local rtx capabilities if rtx is 
not a codec? In other words: as an offerer, how do you choose whether to 
offer rtx to the other side?

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