[ortc] RTCRtpParameters: unclear requirements

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== RTCRtpParameters: unclear requirements ==
It's unclear which mandatory fields a `RTCRtpParameters` object must 
include, and also it's unclear whether those non documentes 
requirements are the same of not for `send()` and `receive().

dictionary RTCRtpParameters {
             DOMString                                 muxId = "";
             sequence<RTCRtpCodecParameters>           codecs;
             sequence<RTCRtpEncodingParameters>        encodings;
             RTCRtcpParameters                         rtcp;
degradationPreference = "balanced";

What happens if `headerExtensions` array is not provided? or `rtcp` is
 missing? etc etc.

According to the above syntax it seems that all the fields but `muxId`
 and `degradationPreference` are mandatory. Is that true?

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Received on Thursday, 21 January 2016 20:22:56 UTC