[ortc] RTCRtpReceiver.getParameters() needed

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== RTCRtpReceiver.getParameters() needed ==
Related to #355:

> Yes, to stop sending an encoding, call send() with 
parameters.encodings[j].active set to "false". Setting active to 
"true" and calling send() again will start sending again.
> In WebRTC 1.0, getParameters() is used to retrieve RTCRtpParameters,
 and then setParameters() can be used with active set to "false" or 
"true" to accomplish the same thing.

If ORTC does not provide such a `getParameters()` method, then 
switching from `active:true` to `active:false` and vice-versa becomes 
*very* hard given that the user/app should keep the rtp parameters 
object previously passed to `receive()` in order to switch the 
`active` flag.

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Received on Thursday, 21 January 2016 20:01:18 UTC