Re: Need SDP to ORTC good example code

2016-02-29 16:27 GMT+01:00 Bernard Aboba <>:
> A good start is provided by the adapter.js patches created by Phillip Hancke, which support Edge ORTC.

I should clarify that I don't mean "working ORTC-to-WebRTC code" but
something more illustrative:

1) We show an entire SDP.

2) Let's comment it by naming all its attributes and their meaning.

3) Then take them and call the ORTC API.

(I don't want to parse the SDP, there are many JS tools/libs for that).

For example:

a=rtpmap:100 VP8/90000
a=rtcp-fb:100 ccm fir
a=rtcp-fb:100 nack
a=rtcp-fb:100 nack pli
a=rtcp-fb:100 goog-remb
a=rtpmap:101 VP9/90000
a=rtcp-fb:101 ccm fir
a=rtcp-fb:101 nack
a=rtcp-fb:101 nack pli
a=rtcp-fb:101 goog-remb
a=rtpmap:116 red/90000
a=rtpmap:117 ulpfec/90000
a=rtpmap:96 rtx/90000
a=fmtp:96 apt=100
a=ssrc-group:FID 1996435138 2613906921
a=ssrc:1996435138 cname:uKfix7DQM42xVv7+
a=ssrc:1996435138 msid:b1ljIJt9y5TtH88ZkhbwB3T2AMxpN3R296FD
a=ssrc:1996435138 mslabel:b1ljIJt9y5TtH88ZkhbwB3T2AMxpN3R296FD
a=ssrc:1996435138 label:650f7228-5629-4bfe-94bc-caf537677b9a
a=ssrc:2613906921 cname:uKfix7DQM42xVv7+
a=ssrc:2613906921 msid:b1ljIJt9y5TtH88ZkhbwB3T2AMxpN3R296FD
a=ssrc:2613906921 mslabel:b1ljIJt9y5TtH88ZkhbwB3T2AMxpN3R296FD
a=ssrc:2613906921 label:650f7228-5629-4bfe-94bc-caf537677b9a

I want to clearly indicate how to create the corresponding
RtpParameters object with the above SDP fragment.

Iñaki Baz Castillo

Received on Monday, 29 February 2016 15:43:31 UTC