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Action Items from ORTC CG Meeting #8 - May 13

CG Meeting 8 - Technical Difficulties Remedied

Issue 164: IceGatherer states

Issue 170: Response to connectivity checks prior to calling iceTransport.start()?

Issue 173: DTLS handshake packets arrive because of connectivity checks before DTLS transport setup

Issue 174: When is an IceGatherer allowed to prune host, reflexive and relay candidates?

Issue 186: IceTransport.stop() affect on RtpSender/Receiver

Issue 187: Behavior when encodings are not set

Issue 188: Priority calculation not possible without knowing component

Issue 189: No IceGatherer.stop()

Issue 190: TCP a: setup attribute for transport

Issue 191: RTCIceTransport cannot go to "completed" state

Issue 192: Promises in RtpSender/RtpReceiver methods

Issue 193: Reference Update

Issue 194: RTCDtlsTransport.start() needs to return a promise

Issue 195: Certificate management API in 1.0 pull request

Issue 197: RTCIceTransportState and IceGatherer pruning

Issue 198: Philipp Hancke's Review Comments

Issue 199:

Issue 200: Incoming media prior to Remote Fingerprint Verification

Issue 207: RTCIceCandidateComplete dictionary

Issue 208: RTCIceGatherer.close affect on RTCIceTransport / RTCDtlsTransport

Issue 209: Trying to remove RTCIceTransport.createAssociatedTransport(component)

Issue 210: Certificates and Fingerprints in the non-mux case

Issue 211: DtlsTransport.getLocalParameters and certificate creation

ORTC CG Meeting

ORTC CG Meeting #9: Draft agenda & proposed dates/times

Reminder: ORTC CG Meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Video recording, slides and minutes from today's meeting

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