ORTC CG Meeting 8 - schedule & agenda bashing

All times shown are in Pacific Daylight Savings Time - PDT.

Meeting Length: 90 mins
Meeting Location: Online

In an effort to come up with times that work for our overseas members as
well as North American participants I have limited the last time slot to
11am PDT.


Draft Agenda:
- Review Bugs
- Review recent draft
- Review CG alignment with 1.0
- Stefan / WebRTC WG chair, requested we comment on this...
The WebRTC and Device APIs Working Groups request feedback on the Last
Call Working Draft of Media Capture and Streams, a JavaScript API that
enables access to cameras and microphones from Web browsers as well as
control of the use of the data generated (e.g. rendering what a camera
captures in a html video element):

Comments welcome!

Best regards,
Erik Lagerway - ORTC CG Chair

Received on Friday, 17 April 2015 20:54:33 UTC