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Re: [Poplus] Popolo and JSON-LD

From: Andreas Kuckartz <a.kuckartz@ping.de>
Date: 13 Apr 2015 07:41:23 +0200
Message-ID: <552B5703.6030407@ping.de>
To: "Nick Jackson" <nick@mysociety.org>
Cc: poplus@googlegroups.com, public-opengov@w3.org
Am 08.04.2015 15:32, schrieb Nick Jackson:
> Although the whole Poplus ecosystem speaks JSON (which makes a lot
> more sense than JSON-LD for a lot of reasons),

I would really like to know those reasons in detail.

> surely it's also a relatively small step to having a PopIt instance
> also make objects available in a variety of Linked Data formats
> such as JSON-LD, RDF/XML, N-Triples etc along with RDFa embedded
> directly in the page?
> This seems the best of both worlds to me – people who just want 
> Popolo-compliant data can grab the JSON, those who want to plug a
> PopIt instance into a more connected Linked Data world have the
> triples readily available without an intermediate step.

I certainly agree! But I at the moment I think that it is even more
important to understand the situation to make improvements.

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