NEW DRAFT: Motivations and SKOS

While we are in general supportive of the idea to use SKOS for modeling
Motivations, giving access to inter-community links, narrower and broader
terms and so forth, one issue that has arisen is the ability to query using
SPARQL for all motivations below a certain instance.  For example, if you
are interested in Editing, then you might also want to also retrieve
“Updating”, “Correcting”, “Deleting” and so forth.  Or Linking to include
Referencing and Citing.

If subclassing is used, then this would be part of a regular SPARQL engine,
however with SKOS we’re not sure that it’s possible at all to construct the
appropriate graph traversal query to account for an unknown number of

If this is not a requirement, then we think that we should use SKOS. If it
is a requirement, then we will stick with subclassing.  Please let us know.

Many thanks,

Rob & Paolo

Received on Thursday, 8 November 2012 21:08:53 UTC