NEW DRAFT: Provenance

Dear all,
As a result of the discussions on the mailing list, we confirm the renaming
of the following properties:
- generatedBy to serializedBy
- generatedAt to serializedAt
It is common belief that these better represent the original purpose
without generating confusion (i.e. algorithms can “generate” annotations as

Also, following on from the past emails and a fruitful in-person discussion
with Paul Groth (co-chair of the Provenance Working Group) and Stian
Soiland-Reyes, it seems reasonable to provide a simplified mapping to the
PROV model. The direct mapping will consist of three simple subproperties:
- oa:generatedBy subproperty of prov:wasAttributedTo
- oa:annotatedBy subproperty of prov:wasAttributedTo
- oa:equivalentTo subproperty of prov:alternate

The date/times are intentionally not represented above.  In order to do so
with PROV, it is necessary to adopt a more complicated approach similar of
what has been depicted in the figure attached to a previous email
These aspects will be listed probably in the Appendix of  the new specs.

Paolo & Rob

Dr. Paolo Ciccarese
Biomedical Informatics Research & Development
Instructor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Neuroscience at Mass General Hospital
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