Re: F2F Decision: Multiple Resources - questionable example?

Some other examples of Choices:

*  The choice between equivalent PDFs. eg a personal copy, a
dx.doi.orgpaywalled copy, a copy in arXiv, and a copy in an
institutional repository.

* The choice between images that depict the same thing, just with different
lighting conditions. Eg multi-spectral imaging of medieval manuscripts.

* Resources that have different metadata, as you say.  Everyone likes to be
credited where credit is due, so I don't think that his makes things  much
more complex. Also, this comes close to simply being a literal body, which
we don't allow for many reasons as per the FAQ.

* Choice between the same content in different formats: PDF, Word, Plain
text, RDF -- each of which is better for some particular client

Put in Library/Information Science terms, it works around the FRBR problem
by flattening everything to Items rather than requiring a reference to a
Work and then traversing the tree to find an appropriate Item.


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