So far Paolo and I as editors/chairs have discussed things, but there
hasn't been any teleconferences.
If people would be interested in scheduling these, I'm sure we can arrange them?

There has been one face to face meeting for the initial membership of
the group in Boston in March 2012.  Last week's meeting was an OAC
meeting, planned from before the W3C group, to discuss the work that
went on for that model.  And, of course, the W3C work was discussed
there but the meeting wasn't in any way related to the W3C group

Thanks, and hope that clarifies the situation,


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 11:36 AM, Sebastian Hellmann
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> By the way, I would really like to join a telco. I have looked through the
> previous emails and couldn't find any minutes or telco time. Are this
> group's telcos public or private?
> Sebastian

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