Questionn on annotation a text section

I'm struggling to understand how to annotate a specific text section
identified by offset.

I see the example at

oa:hasTarget points to the thing being annotated. Apart that I thing that a
name like oa:annoates would be more easy to understand I think I'm getting
this. The subject is the annotation and I can add hasSemanticTag properties
to it.

The Object of oa:hasTarget isn't in this case the whole document but only a
part of it. This selection is apparently represented by a
oa:SpecificResource (here too I think the name is not very intuitive, isn't
this rather a eg:DocumentSection). Now the selector part is quite
understandable. For hasSoure I would guess this points to the document the
subject is a section of but I read in the core spec that it is a
letationship between the oa:SpeficResource and a (why does it says "the"?)
resource that is a more specific reresentation of the subject. In this case
so I'm looking for a more specific representation of the document section.
What is a more specific representation? To me character 97 through 102 of a
specific document is already quite specific. Confused.

Maybe somebody could jsut tell me, how to express

the character range from 97 to 102 of the resource <> are related to <>


Received on Thursday, 19 July 2012 03:17:01 UTC