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Sharing some of our work to date

From: Sally Jenkinson <sally.jenkinson@theodi.org>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 18:08:22 +0000
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To: public-openactive@w3.org
Good evening everyone,

My name is Sally Jenkinson and I’m an associate at the Open Data Institute
who has been doing some of the initial background research around physical
activity and opportunity data. I’d like to share with you some of our work
to date, and I'm also here to ask for your help in continuing it.

As you might imagine from the ODI, we’re very keen on working in the open,
and we don’t want our investigations to be behind closed doors. Comments
are open to all on the following, and you’re welcome to add thoughts
generally but there are also certain areas that we’d really like you to add
to. These are listed below.

First, we have a living document containing some of our initial research
It’s intentionally very high-level at the moment, but we’ll evolve and
refine our thinking with you and other members of the sector as our work


   - Within the three areas we have started to research (data transport,
   structure, and values), are there crossovers that you have looked at in the
   past, or are looking at now?
   - In the document we have tried to summarise characteristics of
   different groups, and we’d like to hear more about the challenges facing
   your specific situation so that we can enhance this.
   - We have an initially small selection of data sets that we have
   reviewed with regards to different considerations around data publishing..
   Please provide us with information around how you approach these elements
   of the publication of your data if you think there is anything we can learn.

In addition we have also started to look at how people structure the data
they hold on activities and sessions, and we’ve created a survey
as a means to better understand the data that you’re holding (even if you
don’t publish it). Please feel free to pass this on to others.


And finally, as a quick introduction, my background was originally back-end
web development, but nowadays I primarily consult on digital projects and
transformation work at a more strategic level and leave the coding to side
projects and train journeys. Typically I look at discovery, solutions
architecture, process improvement, and training (on ODI projects and
elsewhere), and I’m interested in understanding user needs and matching
those to technical options.

I look forward to working with you all on this. If you have any questions
or suggestions please don’t hesitate to share them with the group.

Kind regards,


Sally Jenkinson
*ODI Associate*
The Open Data Institute <http://theodi.org>
The ODI, 65 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4JE
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