Re: Open UI + CSSWG joint meeting


I'm supportive of the proposed joint meeting, so we can align on the right
approach moving forward.

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 12:31 PM Greg Whitworth <>

> Hey folks,
> I wanted to re-ping this thread to see if there is any interest from the
> group. @Alan Stearns <> and @Rossen Atanassov
> <> can we add this to this weeks agenda.
> Should take only about 5 minutes at the most at the beginning of the call?
> ~Greg
> On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 10:46 AM Greg Whitworth <>
> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> In the CSSWG we continue to be discussing form controls and possible
>> pseudo elements for them, such as the file and range controls. As we
>> discussed in the last CSSWG F2F there is overlap with the work in Open UI
>> with HTML/CSS/ARIA since controls/components are a composition of all of
>> them. At times states or parts end up as pseudo classes or elements but
>> neither produce the complete story for what developers *may* need for a
>> given control/component. While I am proposing this as a joint meeting, many
>> of the folks in Open UI are also in the CSSWG and the goal for this meeting
>> is to focus on form control styling. Here is a proposal of topics:
>>    - Holistic approach (quick intro into Open UI)
>>      This will be similar to the presentation I gave at the last F2F so
>>    I'll go through it quickly but it sets the stage for the rest of the
>>    discussions. I'll end with a rough agenda and what the CSSWG+Open UI team
>>    can do to ensure that we have an agreed upon holistic approach while also
>>    taking potentially smaller steps where possible. I'd like to record this if
>>    possible so we can reference it in the future.
>>      Goal: General understanding of how Open UI is approaching a
>>    holistic exploration of UI components/controls
>>    - Open UI control/component definition paradigm (parts, behaviors,
>>    states, view)
>>       Worthwhile prior reading:
>>       Primary Goal: What are the group's thoughts on this paradigm for a
>>    specification?
>>       Secondary Goal: What are the group's thoughts from an UA
>>    implementation perspective?
>>    - Where do these reside: There are some more obvious ones (eg: psuedo
>>    elements/classes) but should there be a more cohesive tie together? We had
>>    recently discussed having a form controls psuedo specification.
>>       Goal: No duplication of effort and a clear path. EG: If we have a
>>    part, assuming we agree on the holistic approach in step 1 have a process
>>    for psuedo elements (I'll have a rough proposal in an issue for this).
>>    - Buckets of styling capabilities:
>>       Primary Goal: Resolve on general premise and normative definition
>>    for spec reference
>>    - Interoperable base User Agent Stylesheet:
>>      Primary Goal: Understanding of interest?
>> Let me know if there is interest for this, we can possibly just make them
>> a part of the CSSWG meeting if there is time. Also, if there would be any
>> other agenda items - please let me know.
>> ~Greg

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