Open UI + CSSWG joint meeting

Hey folks,

In the CSSWG we continue to be discussing form controls and possible
pseudo elements for them, such as the file and range controls. As we
discussed in the last CSSWG F2F there is overlap with the work in Open UI
with HTML/CSS/ARIA since controls/components are a composition of all of
them. At times states or parts end up as pseudo classes or elements but
neither produce the complete story for what developers *may* need for a
given control/component. While I am proposing this as a joint meeting, many
of the folks in Open UI are also in the CSSWG and the goal for this meeting
is to focus on form control styling. Here is a proposal of topics:

   - Holistic approach (quick intro into Open UI)
     This will be similar to the presentation I gave at the last F2F so
   I'll go through it quickly but it sets the stage for the rest of the
   discussions. I'll end with a rough agenda and what the CSSWG+Open UI team
   can do to ensure that we have an agreed upon holistic approach while also
   taking potentially smaller steps where possible. I'd like to record this if
   possible so we can reference it in the future.
     Goal: General understanding of how Open UI is approaching a holistic
   exploration of UI components/controls

   - Open UI control/component definition paradigm (parts, behaviors,
   states, view)
      Worthwhile prior reading:
      Primary Goal: What are the group's thoughts on this paradigm for a
      Secondary Goal: What are the group's thoughts from an UA
   implementation perspective?

   - Where do these reside: There are some more obvious ones (eg: psuedo
   elements/classes) but should there be a more cohesive tie together? We had
   recently discussed having a form controls psuedo specification.
      Goal: No duplication of effort and a clear path. EG: If we have a
   part, assuming we agree on the holistic approach in step 1 have a process
   for psuedo elements (I'll have a rough proposal in an issue for this).

   - Buckets of styling capabilities:
      Primary Goal: Resolve on general premise and normative definition for
   spec reference

   - Interoperable base User Agent Stylesheet:
     Primary Goal: Understanding of interest?

Let me know if there is interest for this, we can possibly just make them a
part of the CSSWG meeting if there is time. Also, if there would be any
other agenda items - please let me know.


Received on Wednesday, 9 September 2020 17:47:07 UTC