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Hi Bettina,

I have added the information on affix types used in the ANW (Dictionary of Contemporary Dutch) in the minutes our last call.
Computational lexica with detailed morphological analysis we have of Dutch do not specify affixes.

Kind regards,

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Hello everyone,

here is the link to todays telco:

Last week we talked about the first 5 representation needs that are described in the Wiki (
Depending on how many people will be in the call today, we can have a look at those again or move on to discuss the next representation needs.

Independent from the weekly telcos I kindly ask everyone interested to contribute to the discussion of these representation needs. Either by directly adding their points in the comment field in the Wiki or by sending their points to me so that I can add them. We need especially more input from people who deal with morphological data in the context of representing lexical data. Sometimes it is hard to decide whether some element is really needed. If it turns out that there is no real demand this could help to condense the module to involving only highly required elements and relations and pointing to external resources to describe other less needed elements (e.g. morphemic glosses).

Thank you all and talk to you soon,


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