Re: Lexicalization as collection of senses/onomasiological lexicon


by the way this model allows multilingual lexicalization, which is 
something we are interest in.

I guess that cardinalities are 0-to-many for both 'sense' and 'reference', 

>From this model, it follows that ontology axioms (e.g. inclusion) are not 
reflected by lexical relations (e.g. hyponymy), which, I guess, hold among 
lexical senses. For instance, you may have synonyms referring to disjoint 
concepts. Is it correct \ desired (by others than me)?


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Hi all,

So there was an interesting discussion on the telco last week about the 
nature of "lexicalization"... I will try to make a summary/proposal.

We can currently represent the data as a collection of words (lexical 
entries) by means of the Lexicon object, and as a set of concepts as an 
OWL ontology, however there is no object for describing how a single 
lexicon lexicalizes a single ontology. This would be useful for metadata 
so that we can say how much coverage a lexicon gives relative to the 

This "lexicalization" object that has proposed by Armando, is an object 
that describes the connection between an ontology and a lexicon, is a 
collection of pairs (Ontology Entity, Lexical Entry) or as we know them 
better Lexical Senses! Thus we can define the Lexicalization as a 
collection of senses.

Related to this is the fact that some lexicons (e.g., SALDO and arguably 
WordNet) are based around senses not words, and are thus onomasiological 
lexicons, that is the lexicon as a collection of senses, as opposed to a 
collection of words. To this end it may make sense to name the 
lexicalization something else, such as SenseLexicon, as its role as a 
lexicon of senses. In practice then the proposal is to have something like 

Lexicon          o===== LexicalEntry
Lexicalization   o===== LexicalSense
Ontology    o===== Class/Property/Individual
Does this seem reasonable?


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