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R: Telco this Friday, 15:00 CET

From: Armando Stellato <stellato@info.uniroma2.it>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 14:42:48 +0200
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To: Philipp Cimiano <cimiano@cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de>, "public-ontolex@w3.org" <public-ontolex@w3.org>
Dear Philipp,

Sorry I can't make it today. I'm sorry as this is the last meeting before vacation. Ill be available if any voting will me made via email.
Happy holidays to everybody!

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Da: "Philipp Cimiano" <cimiano@cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de>
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A: "public-ontolex@w3.org" <public-ontolex@w3.org>
Oggetto: Telco this Friday, 15:00 CET

Dear all,

  this is a gentle reminder that we will have our last telco before the 
vacation period this Friday. Actually, I will not be present, but John 
and Paul will.

John, Paul and myself had a telco early this week to discuss aspects of 
the model that we should formally vote on.

We came up with a number of major and minor questions to vote on. We 
decided to allow for votes via the Wiki. As some people are on holidays, 
we will provide some weeks to vote on in the wiki and then aggregate / 
collect the votes in early September.

I propose that we use the whole of August as voting period.

Is everyone fine with this procedure?



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