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Re: Specification of requirements

From: Philipp Cimiano <cimiano@cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 14:35:22 +0100
Message-ID: <50C8881A.2060208@cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de>
To: Gil Francopoulo <gil.francopoulo@wanadoo.fr>
CC: public-ontolex@w3.org
Dear Gil,

  thanks for your comments, I answer to them below:

Am 12.12.12 10:20, schrieb Gil Francopoulo:
> Dear Philipp,
> Two points of detail:
> Point#1
> It seems that there is a typo on:
> http://www.w3.org/community/ontolex/wiki/Specification_of_Requirements
> Where:
> lexicon models such as LMF as well as terminology models such as LMF
> Should be:
> lexicon models such as LMF as well as terminology models such as TMF

> Point#2
> Concerning: the principle of /semantics by reference/ in the sense 
> that the meaning of a lexical entry is specified by reference to an 
> individual, class, object property or datatype property in a given 
> ontology
> I have a question concerning the term "reference". Could the 
> individual class describe an abstract notion like "happiness" ?
> Or is is restricted to flaccid and rigid designators, as mentionned in 
> the Kripkean lectures?

Sure, if the ontology in question is able to formalize / capture the 
concept of happiness. But I would say that how exactly this is 
formalized should not be a concern to the ontology-lexicon model as 
different ontologies might conceptualize this concept differently. Other 
knowledge representation systems might even build on prototypes rather 
than set-theoretical semantics. The lexicon-ontology model in some sense 
is agnostic to this.
> Gil Francopoulo

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