Re: Welcome to Community Group on Ontology-Lexica

Dear all,

My name is Guadalupe Aguado de Cea and I have a tenured position as a
senior lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  My background is
in Linguistics and Translation. I’m also a member of the Ontology
Engineering Group where I coordinate the research carried out in
Terminology and Natural language engineering. My interests are on the
convergence of terminology, lexicons, and ontologies.

I’m also involved in the tasks developed by the ISO TC 37, (SC1, SC3 and
the CG) on terminology and ontologies.

I think this group, the Ontology-Lexica Community group, will be an
excellent forum for discussions on all these aspects with the aim of
advancing knowledge and reaching agreements on these issues.

Best regards


2011/10/19 Elena Montiel <>

> Dear all,
> My name is Elena Montiel-Ponsoda and I am a member of the Ontology
> Engineering Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain.
> My background is in Translation and Interpreting and my PhD was on
> "Multilingualism in Ontologies". There I concentrated on the issue of
> ontology localization or translation, and on models for enriching
> ontologies with linguistic (multilingual) information. Another important
> part of my research was on Lexico-Syntactic Patterns and its correspondence
> to ontological structures, more specifically, Ontology Design Patterns.
> So, all in all, my main interest is in the interface between natural
> language and ontologies. Therefore, I am very excited about this
> Ontology-Lexica Community Group that will bring together many experts in
> the domain with complementary backgrounds and common interests.
> Looking forward to the OntoLex Group launching!
> Best Regards,
> Elena.
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