Re: On-boarding headlight (INTERNAL)

On mer., 2014-03-12 at 15:24 +0000, wrote:
> My role and experience in regard to W3C is related to "on-boarding" on
> the organizational level. This was what I had in mind when subscribing
> to the mailing-list and the area I potentially could contribute. As a
> lurker-only in a few groups, I don't think I would have any valuable
> contributions on an "individual level" scope.

Well, I think you actually have plenty of experience as an individual
having had to explore and understand W3C; I thought that getting your
views on that experience would have been a good start :)

But in any case, I would also be interested in your organizational
on-boarding experience — I would be very surprised if that didn't inform
the cases I had in mind.


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