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> From: Dominique Hazael-Massieux [] 
> First, let me clarify that by "on-boarding", I meant making easier for new 
> individuals to get started in W3C (i.e. at the individual level, not at the organization level).
> I agree that increasing participation in general is a worthwhile goal; the reason my proposal
> has focused on "on-boarding" is that it seems to be that the biggest hurdle is to make it
> possible for people to get sufficiently involved that they will want to get more involved
> — once that barrier is down, it's much easier to iteratively reduce the other barriers.
> Also, given how broad the topic of "increasing participation" is, I thought that a focused 
> approach might be more tractable.
> Finally, as Frode puts it, once you have maintained materials for newcomers, they are useful to
> everyone, not just the newbies.
> But I certainly will not object to broader the scope of this task force as long as we don't
> spread ourselves too thin.
>> Regarding my contribution, my initial thoughts was to help identify 
>> some "needs" based on my own experience.
> That would be a terrific contribution, Frode; to be entirely honest, I had been hoping to pick your brain on these questions from the very first day I thought of that topic :)

My role and experience in regard to W3C is related to "on-boarding" on the organizational level. This was what I had in mind when subscribing to the mailing-list and the area I potentially could contribute. As a lurker-only in a few groups, I don't think I would have any valuable contributions on an "individual level" scope.

Sorry about this, I guess you had some other expectations Dom.

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