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On 3/11/14 9:52 AM, ext wrote:
> On-boarding for me is a continuous process internally, spreading the word of W3C and trying to increase our involvement. And in this process, I'm surprised that there's so little "ready to use" material about W3C facts, status, "plans". I guess there are others in big corporations that faces the same issues.  And, IMHO, material of this type is also helpful in the initial on-boarding process of new members.
> Regarding my contribution, my initial thoughts was to help identify some "needs" based on my own experience. I'm not sure if I'm able to be helpful in any other ways.

This is good input Frode!

Perhaps it would be helpful for you to brainstorm what you consider some 
of the key issues, problems and such and add it to 
<>? IMHO, that doc could use a 
relatively clear `Problem Statement` as we did with 
<> and your input for 
that would be good.

It also seems like the Staff should proactively continually interview 
Members, especially New Members for various "gotchas" and problem areas 
and that data  could also be useful input for this effort.

-Cheers, AB

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