Advance notice: Work in progress on Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Charter


This is an advance notice that the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working 
Group participants are currently working on a new charter for the group. 
The group has a broad and complex scope that combines maintenance of 
WCAG 2.x, which has been adopted into regulation and requires careful 
review, with innovation for WCAG 3, which requires a more agile 
approach. This draft charter has evolved considerably from the current 
charter, so the group requests advance AC review of the proposal while 
it continues to mature.

The draft charter under development is at:

This draft charter focuses the work of the AG WG primarily on WCAG 3. 
Maintenance of WCAG 2 would be done in a task force working through 
issues filed, but no new guidance would be added to the WCAG 2 series. 
This is the inverse of the current structure, and is expected to bring 
the focus needed to meet the WCAG 3 timeline. Details about the timeline 
and how work is tracked is available from the WCAG 3 project plan:

Accompanying the charter is a proposed update to the AG WG decision 
policy. The proposed update preserves the review needed for decisions 
that can impact regulatory content, while reducing procedural 
requirements for content that is still under development. The AG WG 
chairs view the decision policy changes as essential to WG success and 
it should be reviewed together with this draft charter. The proposed 
decision policy update under development is at:

We welcome your feedback. The chairs ask particularly the following 

   * The chairs view the proposed changed decision policy as essential 
to success. Does the policy make sense?
   * Does this level of emphasis on and balance between WCAG 2 vs WCAG 3 
make sense?
   * Does the timeline to WCAG 3 make sense?
   * Is the set of deliverables promised for this 2-year charter 

If you wish to make your comments public, please use GitHub issues:

W3C Members may also discuss on the member-confidential mailing list 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact 
Michael Cooper <>.

A formal Advisory Committee Review for this charter is expected to start 
before TPAC 2022.

This announcement follows section 4.1 of the W3C Process Document:

Thank you,

For Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director,
Michael Cooper, AG WG staff contact,
Judy Brewer, WAI Director,
Philippe Le H├ęgaret, Project Management Lead,
Wendy Seltzer, W3C Strategy Lead;
Xueyuan Jia, W3C Marketing & Communications

Received on Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:04:33 UTC