Re: White paper on the potential next steps on mobile web in developing countries

> Do we build for a minimum of a mini-WEB browser, with colour screen etc. or
> consider earlier monochrome, WAP-enabled devices like some of these?

ah ! that's a good question. In my mind, but i may be completly wrong, 
your 2 assertions are not mutually exclusive, and i was putting a "and" 
instead of a "or".
I thought that, as a first step, we have to find out what are the 
minimum capabilities we could rely on, covering the vast majority of 
phones existing on the market. Then, starting from this point, we could 
  define what should be the footprint of a mini-web browser.
As a shortcut, in my mind, on old wap-enabled phones, it might be 
possible to replace the wap-browser by a xhtml-basic text browser.
but, if we find out that eg already 70% of the phones are graphic 
capable, and within the footprint we could have minimal graphic support, 
then perfect.


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