Re: [All] moving best practices and other evolving, non-normative material to ITS - IG

In this case: +1

Cheers -- Jörg

On Feb 27, 2013 at 10:20 (UTC+1), Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Sorry, Jirka, I wasn't clear in my proposal, see below.
> Am 27.02.13 10:16, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
>> On 27.2.2013 9:25, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>>> I would propose "best practice" topics to the ITS IG at the end of March
>>> or early April. That will make it much easier to accomodate feedback
>>> from outside. If we start trying to build a community including people
>>> from outside the working group at the end of the year, my forecast is
>>> that nobody will show up.
>>> Thoughts?
>> Personally I don't like wiki for such content. It's hard to edit,
>> unsuitable for longer documents and it's very hard to keep it
>> editorially consistent.
> Agree - I wouldn't say that we should put all editing material into
> wikis. My main point was that we should start using the open wiki for
> gathering input from outside. The actual editing then should be in XML
> or HTML, the latter relying on respec, as you suggest. The workaround we
> currently have for publishing
> is a this time only approach.
> Best,
> Felix
>> I would go with WG Note. If TEI or xmlspec markup is too complex to
>> author for potential contributors we can edit directly in HTML and use
>> ReSpec:
>>                 Jirka

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