AW: [Agenda] MLW-LT WG 25 February, 3 p.m. UTC

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Betreff: [Agenda] MLW-LT WG 25 February, 3 p.m. UTC

Hi all,

below is a raw agenda for today's call. NOTE: I may have missed various discussion. If you see anything missing from the agenda please let me know. Also, Please, fill in the doodle poll for the Luxembourg preparation call



Topics to discuss:

1) High level usage scenario doc publication
Christian needs more time for editing the doc. Current time plan:
- having Christian editing the doc until next Monday
- vote for publication 6 March call
- publication 8 March
NOTE: To have this ready for Rome / Luxembourg, we must not have an additional delay here. Please help Christian to move this forward by editing "your" sections

2) HTML ITS default behaviour
This might lead to a substantive change, and may lead to changes in your implemenations and testing; but both might be extremely useful in the end to avoid a co-existence of incompatible "ITS processor vs HTML filters". See a proposal to resolve this at
Related: issue-70, see latest mail from Yves at

3) Closing disambiguation and term
See attachment to

4) Conformance type, see issue-63 and Yves' proposal at
Should this type be "non-conformance"?

5) XLIFF mapping
Anything to discuss?

6) Unicode normalization / NIF comments, see issue-73 and
Needs a response from Christian

7) ITS Ontology
brand new draft, mostly FYI

8) AOB / Rome / Luxembourg prep
No further news at the momemt



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