Re: ISSUE-110: Draft note

Hi Jirka,

I didn't see any disagreement with this - do you want to go ahead and 
make the edit?

Thanks also for the edit for issue-111. Just one thing: please update 
the change log - a lot of edits are ahead of us, without the log we will 
loose track of changes.

Thanks again,


Am 18.02.13 13:18, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> Hi,
> I think that adding the following note at the end of section "7 Using
> ITS Markup in XHTML" should resolve any potential ambiguity.
> Please note that this section defines how to use ITS in XHTML content
> which is directly served to Web browsers. Such XHTML is very often sent
> with a wrong media type and parsed as HTML not as XML in Web browsers.
> In such case it is more robust and safer to use HTML-like syntax for ITS
> metadata.
> However when XHTML is not used as a delivery but rather as an exchange
> or storage format all XML features can be used in XHTML and it's advised
> to use XML syntax for ITS metadata.
> Comments? If you are happy with such wording I will update spec.
>     Jirka

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