[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-02-20, plus doodle for luxembourg prep call

Hi all,

today's call minutes are at
and below as text. Summary:

- Dave will make a new poster template for Rome and send it around- all, 
please re-work your poster with that.
- Dave has created a logo to highlight relations between posters, see
all, please use that as part of your poster.
- we discussed posters a bit, see
summary: try to be both technical and "business oriented" (what is the 
value of xyz?)
- we will have a separate, two hour call to rehersal Luxembourg (15 
march), see

Please fill in the following doodle poll to find a call time.





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20 Feb 2013


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           felix, Karl, Marcis, DomJones, Yves, Des, Arle, dF,
           shaunm, renatb, nieves, swalter, Ankit, DaveLewis,
           pnietoca, philr, Jirka, Naoto, leroy, Declan,
           omstefanov, mdelolmo





      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]rome setup
          2. [6]luxembourg prep
          3. [7]who will go to lux
          4. [8]poster template
          5. [9]rehersal for review
          6. [10]review posters
          7. [11]technical progress
      * [12]Summary of Action Items

rome setup


      [13] http://www.multilingualweb.eu/en/documents/rome-workshop/rome-program

    <fsasaki> [14]http://www.multilingualweb.eu/rome-showcase

      [14] http://www.multilingualweb.eu/rome-showcase

    felix: showcase is titles of WG poster
    ... asks everyone to check that these titles are correct
    ... the google doc has logistic details, please check these are

    <fsasaki> "HTML-to-TMS Roundtrip using XLIFF with CMS-LION and
    SOLAS TCD/UL" > "HTML-to-TMS Roundtrip using XLIFF with

    dave; change poster session from 'TCD/UL' to 'UL/TCD'

    <fsasaki> "Simple Segment Machine Translation DCU " > "Simple
    Segment Machine Translation DCU/TCD"

    <fsasaki> [15]http://www.multilingualweb.eu/rome-showcase

      [15] http://www.multilingualweb.eu/rome-showcase

    <fsasaki> "Showcase Session presentations will be held in
    parallel to the Workshop's general poster session after lunch
    on both days (March 12 and 13) of the Workshop as well as
    during the afternoon coffee break on Day 1 (March 12) and
    morning coffee break on Day 2 (March 13)."

    felix: showcases are parallel to session, in the coffee
    breaks/lunch breaks

    arle: concerns raise that the people in the lunchtime session
    that people won't have time to eat
    ... but people are free to roam

    dave: will area be secure

    arle: area not secure, so may need to be able to take item away

    <fsasaki> dave: make sure that somebody takes an I on things
    when others are leaving

    dave: could just coordinate to watch over eachother kit

    felix: asks nieves to investigate

    dave: will there by wifi

    felix: yes, confirmed

    arle: each person need to bring thier own poster, but we will
    provide mounting materials

    felix: asks should all posters be laminated

    arle: would recommend not to laminate this as it adds to the
    cost, glossy finish would be better

    felix: everyone should opt just for glossy finish

luxembourg prep

    felix: don't have agenda yet, but have outline from other
    project covering management, WP and outreach
    ... at review we will present a subset of annual report content
    and then a demo session
    ... But doW WP are often orthogonal to actual integraiton and
    demo work.

    <fsasaki> dave: keep WP1, 2 and 6 separate

    <fsasaki> .. they are outside the others

    <fsasaki> .. we report on integration work in the form we
    demonstrate them

    <fsasaki> dave: make sure that you report on deliverable
    progress - you can do that in the mgmt intro

    <Declan> agree not to follow strict WP-based presentations.
    From previous project reviews, this has worked quite well

    felix: aim to make the review as engaging as possible
    ... use as much as possible to bring posters form Rome to

    declan; probably won't have time to present them, but a
    selection may be useful for reference

    felix: agreed

    felix, we are having trouble hearing you

    <pnietoca> Seems like Felix is having problems with his audio

    declan: shall we agree who should present

who will go to lux

    <fsasaki> daveL: arrange a rehersal session, even if virtual

    <kfritsche> Clemens

    <Yves_> ENLASO: Yves

    <fsasaki> felix to lux

    felix: please could everyone provide the name of the people
    from you organsiation who will go

    <philr> philr will represent VistaTEC at Luxembourg

    <dF> UL: Reinhard

    <fsasaki> DFKI: Arle, Felix

    <kfritsche> Cocomore: Clemens probably also H.v.F

    TCd: Dave

    <pnietoca> Linguaserve: Pedro will attend to Luxembourg

    <swalter> Hans, I thiink so, too...

    <Declan> DCU: Ankit probably also Declan

    <Jirka> No, I can't attend Lux

    Felix: jirka unable to attend
    ... as demo, better to have industry showcases

    <fsasaki> Cocomore, Linguaserve, VistaTEC

    <fsasaki> daveL: hard to demonstrate everything

    <fsasaki> .. good to have yves

    <fsasaki> .. ENLASO

    felix: so then: cocomore, vistatec, linguasaseve (with MT)

    <pnietoca> Pedro has in mind to show a demo

    <Declan> (Once there is a preliminary list of attendees - it
    may be worth checking with Kimmo as to who he expects/wishes to
    attend to ensure we have the desired representation)

    <pnietoca> for both WP3 and WP4

    felix: subcontractors are not obliged to come, but can if they

    des: unable to attend

    horst; sebastian may be able to attend from init

    <omstefanov> what are the date(s) for Luxembourg?

    <Yves_> March-15

    felix; confirms clemens could demo for cocomore

    felix: bout UL/DCU/TCD

    <fsasaki> dave: could merge things from DCU/TCD, I can demo,
    ankit and declan can say more about the MT side

    <Ankit> agreed

    declan; agrees that a condensed version of TCD/DCU/UL

    <fsasaki> ACTION: daveL to make slide tempalte for review
    [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-450 - Make slide tempalte for review
    [on David Lewis - due 2013-02-27].

poster template

    <fsasaki> see
    lt/2013Feb/0130.html attachment

      [17] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/0130.html

    des: do we need to use the uptodate template

    felix: please use the new temaplte
    ... we need to have a rehersal

rehersal for review

    <fsasaki> daveL: thursday morning, 14 March, in rome?

    <Marcis> The template had a low-res logo of EU and MLW-LT

    <Marcis> will these be updated

    <Marcis> ?

    <fsasaki> felix: will do a doodle for a 2 hour call

review posters

    <fsasaki> phil: key, legend, context or map would be good

    <fsasaki> .. woudl be useful for the review too

    <philr> Yeah, as a slide transition

    <fsasaki> .. at the review we show all the differetn views


      [18] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/0130.html


      [19] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/att-0130/TCD-cmis-prov2.pdf


      [20] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2013Feb/att-0130/ITS_overview.pptx

    <fsasaki> felix: above pptx is what dave proposed to re-use
    across posters

    <omstefanov> DaveL do you think the fonts can be bigger,
    especially the red ones for the arc arrows

    <philr> yes

    felix; everyone should do update to poster by the 27th Feb

    <Yves_> can you paste the link to the posters again. thanks.

    poster1 is missing outline, new temaplte should fix this

    same for poster 2, use new outline

    <fsasaki> dave: about font size

    <fsasaki> .. font size is different

    <fsasaki> .. e.g. poster 2 has a bigger font size compared to
    poster 1

    <philr> I had based my font sizes on posters from CNGL which
    worked well

    <omstefanov> davL - I'm willing to try to rework the arc
    powerpoint and send it to you

    <fsasaki> daveL: useful to look at yves' and jirkas , p1 and p2

    <fsasaki> .. both are technical which is good

    <omstefanov> the important part about larger fonts is for those
    posters that will be used as slides. Posters in and of
    themselves, if not used as slides can have smaller fonts

    <fsasaki> .. but also add: who would benefit, who has an easier
    life from this?

    <fsasaki> .. add that to make things clearer for people coming
    from a user perspective

    <omstefanov> viewers of slides develop negative opinions of
    slides that have fonts that can't be seen.

    <fsasaki> davel: most people have been to MLW ws

    <fsasaki> .. great thing is that they have a mix of

technical progress

    felix: technical progress on last call has been slowed by rome
    ... david will review issue list and look to see if there are
    new action points needed or followed up on
    ... so look for mails form co-chair
    ... Can't predict exactly when we will finish last call stage,
    but probably in April, a month later than planned

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: daveL to make slide tempalte for review [recorded

    [End of minutes]

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